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Retention periods for architects and contractors documents

Retention periods for architects and contractors documents

Summary dated 1 September 2021 of the essential legal provisions regarding the retention periods of your archives.

Documents Minimum retention period Format Start date of the retention period Act

Agreements concerning building projects, and related documents

The law does not provide for a retention period.
As the architect and the contractor are released from their liability with relation to the major works that they have executed or managed after 10 years, it is advisable to retain the documents until the end of this 10 year period
Original As from the moment of the approval of the work: as a general rule, this is the date of the final acceptance, unless it has been agreed that the provisional acceptance should be regarded as commencement date (Cass. March 4th, 1977, R.W., 1976-77, 2413; J.T., 1977, 621; Pas., 1977, I, 721; Arr.Cass, 1977, 730) Article 1792 and 2270 old Belgian Civil Code

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