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Merak secures your digital information offline and online.

Digital information forms an integral part of your business capital. Merak stores your digital data, backups and source codes in a super-secure e-bunker. Your offline data is furthermore always available through the Merak anonymous courier service. You can also view your data online through secure communication.

Merak offers a solution for:

  • external storage of data carriers
  • secure risk management
  • protection against the loss of company data
  • immediate and secure consulting of data online and offline

At Merak we provide you with a complete service:

Own courier service:
Your documents and archives are delivered by our own courier service. Wherever and whenever you need them. 24/7. In this way we can guarantee a maximum continuity even in emergency situations. Because of the strict procedures your documents are always anonymous and traceable. Your data is always transported in discrete vehicles continuously emitting signals to our central dispatch, showing their location.

Seamless procedures:
An anonymous barcode system registers each scan and remembers the exact storage location of your data carriers. In this way your data is always traceable. And as you yourself decide who will have access to your data, it will not get into the hands of unauthorised people.

A fully equipped e-bunker:
Merak stores your digital data and source codes in a super-secure e-bunker with the optimum climate for the storage of your magnetic carriers. The temperature and humidity are kept constant and it has a perfectly adapted fire detection and fire extinguishing system. When lightning strikes it is impossible for electromagnetic radiation to penetrate through the thick concrete walls. Even a crashing plane will not damage the e-bunker.

Merak Archive Online (MAO):
With the secure cloud you can update your archives over the Internet. MAO gives each stored document a hash code. With this code you can prove to any authority that your documents are perfectly safe. The data communication is as safe as online banking. Your transactions must be confirmed with a specific personal code. And each character exchanged through the Merak Archive Online is encrypted.

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