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Merak creates the perfect climate for the safe storage of your samples and processes.

The energy sector is centered around sensitive products but also sensitive information. Merak offers the perfect storage conditions for all your valuable data in super-secure safes and ultra-low temperature freezers.

Merak offers a solution for:

  • strict operational processes for digital and physical storage
  • climate control of sensitive products and samples
  • immediate availability at crucial times
  • the strictest security requirements

At Merak we provide you with a complete service:

Linked storage - digital and original:
Merak stores your paper and digital data under the best conditions. The paper originals are stored in the safe intended for vital documents. The scans are stored in the e-bunker where they are protected against electromagnetic radiation and other hazards. And only you decide who may consult them.

A fully equipped e-bunker:
Merak stores your digital documents securely in an underground safe, built in accordance with the strict Swiss standards for Civil Protection. In this e-bunker, the climate is kept at an optimum level to store your magnetic carriers. The entire bunker is also equipped with a clever fire extinguishing system using an environmentally friendly gas. Any fire is accurately located, and flames are immediately and precisely extinguished.

Ultra-low temperature freezers (ULT):
All your laboratory samples are stored in specially built climate chambers. Merak has ultra-low temperature freezers capable of cooling down to -90°C. Due to the extensive safety measures, the ULT freezers are always on standby.

Certified approach:
Guaranteed secure storage of your archives is the core of the Merak philosophy. The frequent audits and strict ISO 27001 standards guarantee that Merak will always treat your data in a correct and secure manner, with a 0% error margin. You will also receive detailed reports with traceability of every manipulation of your archives.

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