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At Merak, patient files are confidential and easy to consult.

Efficient and sustainable data management is essential in today's health care sector. Merak will safely store your confidential patient details. Merak also offers specialised services to ensure these details can be quickly consulted by authorised medical staff.

Merak offers a solution for:

  • the extensive maintenance, space and energy required for the storage of reference material
  • the increasingly complex legislation and standardisation of the storage of personal data
  • the large investment required for the storage of samples
  • the security of confidential information

At Merak we provide you with a complete service:

All the required certificates:
The infrastructure and working methods of the Merak pharmaceutical and laboratory archives management conform to all the regulations of the OESO for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), the CBMT, Vlarem I and II, and Codex. These certificates guarantee that we treat your laboratory samples in a correct and accurate way. And in case of doubt you can prove that you are fully meeting the GLP regulations. All Merak services are also subject to the ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certificates.

All the required infrastructure:
For the storage of samples, Merak has ultra-low temperature freezers (ULT) which are always on stand-by. In these ULT freezers your samples can be stored at a temperature down to -90°C. The freezers and storage rooms are protected against fire, humidity, theft, power interruptions and espionage.

Unlimited capacity:
The space previously taken up by your archives will now be available for other, more efficient use. When storing your data, Merak takes care of any investments. You will only pay for the volume of your stored samples and paper documents.

User-friendly up to your doorstep:
For the fast and secure retrieval of your patient data, you can use the Merak Archive Online software. The secured connections increase the confidentiality of your data: every viewing of this information is registered. In this way you will always know who is viewing which documents at which time. Additionally, you decide who is able to access your sensitive information. This employee will be able to use the data in all comfort. You will be able to view and update your files from any device with an internet connection.

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