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Box Storage by Merak provides a suitable storage solution for every company and every budget

Are you wasting valuable square metres of office space on goods you don’t often use? Then store them in a Merak container Box. Box Storage by Merak has the right storage solution for every business and every budget.

Here’s why you should choose Box Storage by Merak:

You’ll get the most out of your office space.

Office space is expensive. You pay handsomely for every square metre, so it’s a shame when valuable space is wasted on items you don’t often use. You’d do better to store them in a Box Storage container Box – safe storage at a transparent and affordable price.

Optimal use will be made of your storage space.

Traditional storage formulas often waste space on passageways, lighting or firefighting equipment. You won’t have to worry about any of that when you use Box Storage by Merak: you can use our Boxes 100%. And that means real value for money.

How box storage works
Logistics Box Storage

An appropriate storage module for each volume.

Reserve a Box of your choice and we will deliver it in time at the address of your choice.

BOX STORAGE Volume Dimensions
L x W x H (cm)
loading capacity
Storage examples
Small Box 1m³ 112x92x80 400kg Brochures, promotional or decoration material
Medium Box 5m³ 220x110x200 750kg Chairs, closets, tables
Large Box 6m³ 225x134x210 750kg Exhibition and event material
XL Box 16m³ 280x230x230 1000kg Empty an entire office or storage area
2XL Box 24m³ 430x230x230 1500kg Empty different areas in your office
3XL Box 33m³ 585x230x230 2000kg Empty different areas in your office

Big volumes and customised solutions

Thanks to its large storage capacity Merak can store large stock volumes without any problem. If you are looking for a customised solution, Merak is your best partner. Just contact us and we will find the best storage solution for your situation.

How box storage works
How box storage works

Your goods will be stored safely.

Whatever you store, nothing can happen to your goods. Our storage is completely safe. For example, the container Boxes are dustproof, there are constant temperature and dampness checks, and our warehouse is fully protected against fire. Unwanted visitors such as vermin or burglars stand no chance, either.

Our comprehensive service means you won’t waste time.

Other storage services let you do the work, but Box Storage will happily come to you. We deliver our Boxes, so you can pack at your own speed. Our courier then picks up the Box and we store it safely. You can request a container Box at any time and have it delivered wherever you want, for example at the office or on a work site.

Managing your storage is easy with MyMerak.

Have your needs changed? Then we’ll change with you. MyMerak is a handy tool that makes it easy for you to manage your storage and adjust it every month. You can quickly order an extra Box or check how much storage you currently have, and it’s easy to cancel a Box or ask for it to be brought back.

Logistics Box Storage

Unlimited capacity Optimal utilization

Fast and efficient consultation Safe

Optimum storage conditions Online tool

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