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Merak wipes your data carriers clean and prepares them for reuse

Your used disks and tapes contain a large amount of data. Even if you overwrite them several times, valuable data can remain stored on them. The demagnetisation carried out by Merak ensures that any old data and confidential information is removed from your disks. The magnetic layer of your tapes is also treated and they can therefore be used as if they were new.

Merak stores your data in a suitable environment.

Professional approach:
Demagnetisation of tapes and hard disks is the only way to guarantee the removal of your data. Certain magnetic carriers can also be reused. Demagnetisation is therefore good for the environment and for your budget.

The Merak magnet:
Magnetic carriers contain metal particles in a certain pattern. Merak has professional machinery to thoroughly treat data carriers at a very high density. This means that all data stored is definitely removed. Guaranteed.

Merak offers you the correct equipment.

Conforming to regulations:
Merak uses the same procedure and machinery as the American government to demagnetise secret magnetic carriers. At each step of the process, the machinery demonstrates that the disks have actually been made illegible. So you can be sure.

Sometimes you are legally obliged to remove certain data from your magnetic carriers. Merak demagnetises the carriers in accordance with the applicable regulations. And we guarantee certificied removal.

Destroy confidential information with 100% certainty Destroy confidential information with 100% certainty

Economise on the purchase of new carriers Economise on the purchase of new carriers

Protect the <br/>environment Protect the

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