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Distribute and digitise your mail more efficiently with Merak Mailroom.

Mail. It seems so simple, yet it affects the operation of your entire business. Every letter has to be handled with care, and this takes time, work and administrative effort.

Merak Mailroom helps you organise and digitise your documents so that every message reaches the right department or person, before the end of the day.

How do we process your mail?

How do we process your mail?

Paper documents are very sensitive to external influences. The ultraviolet rays in daylight can make paper bleach or yellow, and fire and water damage can have dramatic consequences. That's why Merak stores your archive in the most suitable, safe environment. In order to optimally protect your archive, we keep the Merak archive rooms completely dust-free. The temperature and air humidity are continuously monitored and adjusted, and the rooms are illuminated with poor ultra-violet light.

1. Reception
We can collect your mail from you or you can have it sent directly to us. We immediately carry out an initial sorting of your documents in line with what we’ve agreed with you.


2. Handling
After opening mail that needs further processing, we allocate the sorted documents to the right department or person.

We also scan them according to your preferences (colour/black and white, with/without text recognition, etc.) and of course we name them in the way that’s been agreed with you.

3. Distribution
Distribution is carried out digitally. We send the scanned documents by the channel of your choice. You will also receive a report on all processed mail.


4. Afterwards
You decide what happens to paper mail after processing. Each document can be:
a. returned to you
b. kept (short or long term)
c. and/or destroyed.

How do we work with you?

1. Analysis of your process
2. Identification of ways to optimise the process
3. Preparation and testing
4. Phased implementation
5. Reporting and evaluation

Your Merak Mailroom is run in whatever way suits you best. Our experts will work out the process with you.

Before we set up a new process, we analyse your current workflow and find the problem areas. Together with you, we establish sorting criteria and distribution instructions.

Once we’ve identified the problem areas, we get started on optimising the process.

This is followed by a thorough preparatory stage in which we test all adaptations before implementing your new document management system.

The implementation is carried out in phases so that we can always make adjustments where necessary, and we will help you with reporting on and evaluating the system later on, too.

Document handling

We handle your documents with the utmost care.

Your information is in professional hands

Only professionals are allowed to handle your mail. Our supervisory experts are specifically trained to manage your Mailroom and our other colleagues also receive continuing training.

Your information is kept confidential

Your valuable documents and confidential information are 100% safe in the Merak Mailroom. Your documents are always processed by our professionals in our own offices in Belgium.

We transport your documents ourselves

Our own secure courier service delivers your documents wherever and whenever you want. The couriers are available 24/7 so that even in an emergency your documents will arrive on time and in the right place.

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan

We have a BCDR plan to ensure that you can always depend on our services being available.

Here’s what our customers say about Merak Mailroom:

Merak's client is active in the Finance / Insurance sector. Several hundreds of employees in Belgium were involved in the process of becoming paperless.The strong partnership with Merak provided an obvious added value against a transparent cost, through close cooperation, regular reviews, and dedicated advice. Merak demonstrates information management expertise in terms of handling and tracking confidential information and personal data, strict project execution under ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards and an overall no-nonsense customer-centric approach.

The project involved / involves the outsourcing of the overall Mail Handling process and started towards the end of 2017 after a period of intensive set-up by both parties (process elaboration, testing, training, implementation, adjustments). Merak handles all incoming paper mail from the sorting of the envelopes, the analysis of the content to determine the routing of the document, the digitizing of the sorted mail, the sending of the digitized mail, to the destruction of the paper mail. All processes and specific work instructions are described in a detailed manual for daily use by the Mail Handling team and reporting is provided to the client at agreed times.

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