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Smart storage for office furniture and business documentation

As a business manager, you take care of both your customers and your employees every day. Files, product material, office furniture and supplies: they take up a lot of space and call for the proper approach to storage in this digital age.

In Merak, you choose a single partner who can store the entire range of these items easily, safely and economically for you.

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Since March 2020, the business world has also started working in a different way. Working from home and the sharing of digital documents have resulted in empty offices and a different approach to storage. Merak, founded in 1977, helps more than 2000 customers to optimise their daily operations. You can read below how we can help you.

Merak Managing Information

Retention periods for business documents

How long do you have to keep your invoices? Or your personnel register? And what about bankruptcies? You should take these legal retention periods into account, because in some cases you are required to keep record of business correspondence. For years, Merak has been providing a clear, up-to-date overview of how long you need to keep which documents. From accounting and social documents to correspondence with lawyers. You can download our recently updated overview for free.

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Destruction of business documents

With Merak’s help, you can both keep your archive well organised and have 100% certainty that no one can misuse your confidential information. We destroy documents discreetly and unrecognisably, fully in line with the DIN standard.

In this way we also help you to meet the GDPR guidelines. The GDPR guidelines of "the ability to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services on an ongoing basis" apply not only when you use or retain this data, but also when you want to destroy it.

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Merak Managing Information

Archiving business documents

There are some documents that you are simply not allowed to destroy. With Merak’s solutions you can be sure that your documents are stored under the best conditions. By archiving externally, you can make smarter use of the space in your office. Hundreds of other self-employed professionals, SMEs and companies have already opted for a simpler external archive solution at Merak. But what if you need a certain document again? Not a problem for Merak. Our courier service is available 24/7 to deliver your physical archives. And via scanning-on-demand we can also deliver your documents digitally.

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We store documents for you in sturdy cardboard boxes that we can supply in a design that’s suited to your documents. With a shelf life of 25 years, including high resistance to water damage, these boxes are the right choice. All about the Merak archive box.

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Did you know that… you can easily order the boxes online? That way you need never be without.

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Scan and digitise your business documentation

These days, almost everything is done digitally. When it comes to the mountain of papers that offices sometimes have to find space for, that is a welcome development. Adopt the new way of working: if your industry allows it, we can scan the relevant documents for you. Your digital library will be accessible 24/7 and protected with a personal token, and will show who has requested which documents, and when.

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Store your furniture safely with box storage

Documents are one thing, but what about furniture and other objects, such as your machinery or exhibition materials? You can count on Merak for this too. Our storage containers are available in various sizes, but customisation is also possible. We store your material in a thermally controlled and monitored warehouse. You only pay for the space that you actually use.

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Box storage
Merak Managing Information

Why choose Merak?

It’s simple: as a full-service player in information management and goods storage for large and small companies, we look after many aspects of your office and its activities, relieving you of the need to do so yourself. You can easily look up our transparent prices on the Merak platform and request customised quotations. What’s more, we have stood for safety and sustainability for more than 35 years, and you can be sure of close internal monitoring.

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Your office in safe hands

In addition to the comprehensive nature of our services, trustworthiness is another big plus point. Merak has numerous certificates and undergoes regular audits.

In addition

  • We are discreet
  • We deliver quality
  • We comply with the relevant ISO standards

Our ultra-high-security infrastructure and clever operational design are also unique in the archive sector, and explain why you can regard Merak as a mark of quality.

Ecological Solutions

Sustainable solutions both internally and externally

Sustainability is no empty slogan at Merak. We work on making our activity greener every day. By means of digitisation we help you to reduce the paper flow.

Internally, solar panels, a hybrid fleet and the electrical operation of our storage locations have reduced our footprint.

We attach great importance to green thinking and action. Would you like to know more about our efforts?

Sustainability at Merak

Unlimited capacity Green power

Fast and efficient consultation Green fleet

Optimum storage conditions Quality guarantee

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