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100% secure archiving is now also
completely eco-friendly.

For over 35 years, Merak has been helping its customers in both the private and public sectors to archive, classify and manage information professionally. We have emerged as a true innovator, incorporating the latest trends in our services. Sustainability and green policy are no mere buzzwords at Merak: they are essential parts of a quality service that among other things has earned us ISO certification.

Recognition of a green vision.

Recognition of a green vision.

We have been awarded the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management every year since 2011 – proof that we do all we can to ensure the security of stored archives without harming the environment.We help businesses to reduce their ecological footprint by digitising and storing their archives. As well as ensuring that archives are 100% secure, this also prevents unnecessary copying and saving. If a customer subsequently decides to destroy its paper archive, Merak will see to it that the shredded paper is 100% recycled.

Can a green policy be profitable?

Merak also takes an eco-friendly approach to its internal operations. For instance, we already generate 90% of the electricity we consume, entirely from green sources such as our own solar panels. Again, more than 40% of our fleet already consists of electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

But a green policy is no obstacle to growth and profitability. In 2020 and 2021, our group again experienced good turnover growth and increasing cash flow, so it can definitely be done!
Can a green policy be profitable?
100% assurance, with an ISO guarantee.

100% assurance, with an ISO guarantee.

A unique product mix for high-quality, environmentally aware information security. Most processes are operated according to established guidelines:

  • ISO 9001 for quality management since 1994
  • ISO/IEC 27001 for information security since 2008
  • ISO 14001 for environmental management since 2011

In addition to ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, we sail through the audits for ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 27001 information security every year. As well as an ecological policy, quality assurance is thus in place for the customer.

For example, businesses that rely on Merak can be sure that documents, server tapes and other information carriers are stored in specially developed archive boxes and cases. The storage spaces for paper archives are protected against fire, theft, water and vermin. And there is a special e-bunker to ensure the security of every digital archive. This acts as a Faraday cage, protecting backups, source codes and other digital data from electrostatic and magnetic radiation. For this we have NATO security clearance for the storage and management of strategic documents.

Unlimited capacity Green power

Fast and efficient consultation Green fleet

Optimum storage conditions Quality guarantee

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